The Compelling Sound of Samina Chowdhury

Samina Chowdhury

The Compelling Sound of Samina Chowdhury

Samina Chowdhury is one of the most successful and compelling musicians of our time. This is a story of the road to her success that has been paved over the years with the mesmeric talent and the indubitable qualities of the artist. More from Khan Nahida Moushumi

Samina ChowdhuryAward winning artist Samina Chowdhury is a multi-faceted Modern and Classical singer. Music runs in the family; her siblings Fahmida Nabi and Pancham are also musicians and mentored by their father, singer Mahmudun Nabi. Her music career took off in the year 1981 and her first album, as a contemporary playback singer was Shoishober Dinguli. Her debut song was ‘Jonmo Theke Jolchi Mago’, original soundtrack of the movie titled Jonmo Theke Jolchi. Precisely harmonising a perfect balance between the two worlds of playback singing and singing contemporary songs, some of her impressive repertoires include ‘Kabita Porar Prohor Esheche’, ‘Ekbar Jodi Keu Bhalobashto’, ‘Oi Jhinukphota Sagorbela’, amongst many more. As a playback singer, she gathered appreciation for her popular numbers such as ‘Saat Bhai Champa Jagore’, ‘Tomar Gorur Garite Ami Jabo Na’, ‘Amar Buker Moddhyekhane’, etc. In 2009, Samina released a Rabindra Sangeet album titled Tomar Khola Hawa. In the year 2006, she was given a National Film Award in the category of the Best Female Playback Singer for a Rabindra Sangeet she sang ‘Amar Majhe Nei Ekhon Ami’.
Recent Endeavours:
Samina Chowdhury’s latest album Cholo Bachi was released this Eid-ul-Azha, funneled by Lyricist Julfikar Rasel and Music Directors Nakib Khan, Pilu Khan, Ruponkar, Joy Sarkar and Raghav. Molded by composer Mohammad Abdul Bari and Music Directors Bappa Mazumder and Ibrar Tipu, Samina Chowdhury is currently working on her upcoming album titled Pushpo Bristi that will come out on next year’s Valentine’s Day.

In conversation with the artist…
Anticipation and Optimism:
I am not the kind of a person who makes too many plans but I know that I want to keep doing music for as long as I live. It is food for my soul; my muse that keeps me going. Hopefully, the unending political chaos and mayhem that the country is going through will soon come to an end and once the dust settles in and our lives go back to being normal again, maybe we can start planning some more.
Learning the tricks of the trade:
It gives me immense pleasure knowing that progressions are being made in our music industry – it is technologically advancing and music compositions are improvising. However it’s unfortunate that many new artists are turning to auto-tunes and paying more attention to irrelevant details rather than music itself. It’s important to set one’s goal and stick to the basics – it’s strictly about music. It’s not a hobby one accidentally stumbles upon, therefore to succeed, the singer needs to pour their heart and soul into practice, it will help fine tune the precise harmonies and give the artist their signature sound.
Birthday: 28th August
Instruments I play: Guitar, keyboard and harmonium
Favourite place to be in the world: I love travelling and Switzerland was spectacular. But to be honest any place on earth is my sanctuary and my favourite as long as my children are accompanying me.
Muse on stage: Mostly the audiences’ appreciation and acceptance. When I perform on stage and watch my audience, I find them moved. I see their eyes moist with tears brought by the deep emotions in the melodies I sing. It makes me feel accomplished and that, as an artist, I have been able to touch the hearts of my audience. I lose myself in the moment and thankfully cherish it.

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